Daniel McTeigue


New author shares his story of growing up as an intense young drummer in the 1960's, 70's and 80's. He acheives his dream in a Philly band called "Third Floor." Years later he discovers the "Third Floor Movie Mystery."


Dan grew up in Roslyn and Lansdale Pennsylvania. He, like so many others, saw the Beatles and many other amazing bands on the Ed Sullivan show in the 1960's. He decided at the age of 6 he wanted more than anything to be a drummer. He pursued that goal all throughout his young life with much intensity. In his twenties he was in increasingly better bands until he co-founded the best band yet "Third Floor."

While a kid in Jr. High School Dan drummed as much as he possibly could. These formative years played a big role in forming a solid base to build on his twenties. Playing along to every song on the radio in the 1970's gave him the skill to play those songs many years later in live bands. Athletics was a huge part of his young life and he was lucky to be on multiple  Championship winning teams in varied sports.