The Third Floor Movie Mystery

Not Who Done but Why Is It?

This book is about a discovery I made whereby I started to notice a surprisingly large number of times that the phrase Third Floor was mentioned in movies. I decided one day to start writing down each time I heard or saw Third Floor being mentioned in movies. The reason I was drawn to or heard the phrase Third Floor so readily was because I was once in a rock ‘n roll band called Third Floor. I had the phrase or the title Third Floor emblazoned across my brain. We were together for 2 ¼ years and we played at the bars and clubs in the Philly suburbs and a few gigs in the city.

            This book is about examining the mystery of why the phrase Third Floor appears in so many movies. I have over 100 movies documented as part of the phenomenon. Is this all just a coicedence or is there something deeper going on here? Is there some sort of conspiracy or maybe a secret inside joke among Hollywood script writers? I propose a few of my own ideas. I hope I can draw you, the reader, into this mystery as well.


Join the author as he shares with you stories of his youth as an intense athlete. Track and Soccer coaches in Jr. High show no mercy. The amount of running involved borders on madness.  The level of intensity in practices for such young kids seems unreal. The amount of pain endured was monumental. In High School Ice Hockey a new coach takes over a fractured team and turns them into Champions. The skating in practices is so diabolical that the burning in the thighs feels as if you have been injected with sulfuric acid. As just a 17 year old the author plays in a Men's Ice Hockey league where the level of violence is barbaric. The hatred is ancient and the level of play is exhilarating. The injuries were severe and we were the Champions in the end.


As a kid I was obsessed with music. The music of the 1960's and 70's was incredible. I knew that I was going to stop at nothing to one day be a drummer in a good band. The first band was "On the Rock's" and we jammed in Lansdale during 1982 -83. When this initial endeavor came to end my best friend Paul and I, along with college roomate John McG formed SNAFU which focused on all original music. John and Paul graduated from college and that ended SNAFU.  Paul and I formed "By The Way" which jammed in The Rock Room II which was in Paul's parents basement. A bass player was found and the scene moved to Sellersville. By The Way continued. Nine months later and after a big beef and beer party there was no more "By The Way." A few months later the legendary local band "Third Floor" was formed. Paul and I meet two young men from Norristown and an alliance was formed. We were a 6 piece band with a young phenom on guitar. Read the story of a young man who had a dream and made it come true.

I started watching movies on a regular basis after my band broke up. This was early 1990. I started writing down a list  of movies that said Third Floor in them. The list grew and grew. When the list grew to over 80 movies I thought I had share this observation with others. I record in the book the actual lines that the actor says. I give a brief synopsis of the movie and I share some comments. In this 3rd edition of the book I believe I have solved the mystery as to who is responsible for this. I believe it is the work of the Free Masons who actually created Hollywood. I have a brief  bit of history to prove my point. By the time the book was finished I was up to 115 movies. I truly believe that this phenomenon is not just coincidence. I truly believe that all of these 3's, Third Floor's and 300 series numbers are being placed in these movies on purpose. If you like movies and consider yourself to be a bit of an expert you'll like this book for sure. I am so glad that the book ended with "The Grand Budapest Hotel."